Sunday, October 4, 2009

8 Month Update

In case anyone is still following I thought I would post some updated pictures and let everyone know that things are GREAT as a family of four.
September has been a whole month of adjustments. Kallie has started Daycare and she would rather not be there but once she is there she seems to do alright. Kaiden has started grade one and thus far he enjoys it. I am teaching grade one full time and I enjoy my days but I am VERY busy. Kaiden and I are at the same school now (different classrooms of course) and I love being at school with him everyday. Darryl continues to work shift work and my comment about that is we all LOVE his 4 days off. I have no comment about the 4 days/nights that he works. lol!
We have had Kallie through all the doctor appointments, tests, immunizations, etc. and everything is great! Her speech has developed amazingly well. Our daycare worker cannot believe how well she talks. We are still going to have her speech assessed later in the year. Kallie is still on the small side but nothing that is alarming. Today she is 27 months old and weighs around 26 pounds and is wearing about a size 2 for clothes. Her feet are the smallest. Her foot is only a size 4. Isn't the saying "great things come in small packages!"
For those who don't know, we moved into a different neighborhood in June. It was a crazy month but now everyone is settled and it was worth the work.
Kaiden is currently in swimming lessons and in hockey which keeps our evening/weekends busy too.
Well enjoy the pictures. They were taken in April and we have another picture appointment in two weeks. I thought I'd better share these ones before the next ones are taken.

God Bless,

The Decks

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Shawn and Megan Mitchell said...

YES! YES! YES! WE ARE STILL READING!!!! We have been waiting for your update and check in every now and then, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw the post today! Such beautiful pictures, you are a beautiful family :)

We think about you guys a lot and wonder how it's going. Lets do a skype soon, shall we? It's wonderful to hear you are all settled into your new home, your new routine and your new lives with Kallie. Just the other night I asked Shawn if he could remember how to get himself to Mario's if he somehow found himself standing in Shevchenko Park :) (He can). When we go back there in our memories you guys are always there with us.

Love and hugs,
Megan, Shawn and girls.